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LOC Back Issue VOL. 22 NO. 4 Unveiling the Secrets of Creation

WINTER 2010 VOL. 22 NO. 4

2 Unveiling the Secrets of Creation
By Swami Amar Jyoti. Whatever you want to achieve, just be still and know. Knowledge is not achieved by going there but by going within. There you conquer the speed of light, you become light.

The World Is Really Not As It Seems
by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. Dr. Quantum on the strange
twists and turns of quantum physics.


The Energy of Matter
by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. A new source of energy
is available as we awaken to our divinity.


What Is Nonduality?
by Vijay Kapoor. Ancient spirituality answers our
toughest questions.


A Benevolent World: Ours for the Making
by Sylvia Clute. An attorney proposes a new justice system based upon Oneness.


What I Wish for You
by Alexandra Hardy-Shamaya and Isaac David Garuda, Ph.D. Inspiration from a father’s wishes for his son.


Lord Shiva’s Dance of Transformation
By Swami Amar Jyoti. A powerful way to bring us into rhythm and tune with the Creator.

34 Crop Circles and Human Evolution
by Suzanne Taylor. What are they? Why are they here?
What are they telling us?
46 In the Hands of Alchemy
by Jerry Wennstrom. An artist’s fifteen-year journey into surrender.

Yunus Emre’s Message of Love
by Angela Waldron. Meet a 14th century mystical poet
still revered in Turkey today.


Creative Stress: A Path to Your Higher Self
by James O’Dea. Stress can be an initiation to the truth of who we are.

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A Letter from the Editor
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COVER: Composite: Shiva Nataraj by Jerald Reames/Great Nebula in Orion © AURA Inc.
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