Non-Duality for Beginners: From the Life and Teachings of Sailor Bob Adamson

by Kalyani Lawry

Nisargadatta used to say that Bob’s invitations to other westerners were the cause of the influx. He would sit Bob at the front and sometimes their dialogues would turn into yelling matches. His pet name for Bob was Bhishma, the name of the great warrior in the Indian epic, Mahabharata. Bhishma lived to a very great age and Nisargadatta used to joke that although he was firing so many arrows at Bob, like Bhishma, he just wouldn’t die.

Mark said that Nisargadatta loved Bob in a special way and would often provoke him. Sometimes Nisargadatta would look at Bob and teasingly ask, “What are you doing now, Bhishma? Trying to stay in the awareness?”

Bob recalls, “Nisargadatta would never agree to anything anyone ever said to him. As far as he was concerned, it was conceptual. Everything was a concept. I couldn’t understand some of the things he was saying and I’d get frustrated and would argue and things would fire up. And there’d be a lot of shouting sometimes between us. I might have some answers to the questions but he’d knock them out and then I’d argue about that.

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