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LOC Back Issue 2011 Volume 23 #3 Meditation & Spiritual Practicies

AUTUMN 2011 VOL. 23 NO. 3


Sincerity in Spiritual Practices
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Why are spiritual practices so very necessary? How to avoid diversions and reach the ultimate goal: Enlightenment.


Prayers of the People
BY RIVER JORDAN. A hidden chapel in a New York City cathedral reveals the common ground of prayer.


Mantra Yoga: Words of Power
BY DAVID FRAWLEY, PH.D. Connecting to the universal vibration: a sacred approach to life and consciousness.


How to Attain Freedom from the Mind
BY MICHAEL A.SINGER. Mind, not life, is the cause of all our problems. How to really become free.


Discover Hidden Yogis of Tibet
BY PHIL BORACK AND JO BORACK. Ancient techniques, traditions and experiences revealed for today’s seekers.


Becoming a True Disciple
BY SWAMI JYOTIRMAYANANDA. Being a disciple means discovering our relationship with God.


Param Para: Answers to Questions on the Spiritual Path
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Guidance on consciousness in America, will, relaxation and breathing exercises.


Cultivating Love and Compassion
BY HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA. A step-by-step meditative teaching on learning to truly cherish others.


The Inspired Art of Akiane
ART AND TEXT BY AKIANE KRAMARIK. A young artist shares her extraordinary gift and prayer for the world.


Bodhisattva Path
BY NICOLE GRACE. Inspired by ultimate selflessness, a journey of awakening through poetry.

44 The Sacred Door Trail
TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY WESTON PEW. In beautiful Montana, a path to flourish peace and caretaking of our Earth.
  Deepening Practices in Our Golden Years
BY MARIANNE MARTIN. Rediscovering the real purpose of old age—“The best is yet to be.”

Poetry Meditation
BY RASOUL SORKHABI, PH.D. The seven-fold path of poetry meditation and the rewards to which it leads.


This Moment’s Experience

Spiritual Cinema, Books, Audio, Video

Tools for Your Journey

COVER: Meditation by Yanik Chauvin|
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LOC Back Issue SUMMER 2011 VO L. 23 NO. 3

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