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LOC Back Issue Vol. 25 #3 Meditation & Spiritual Practices


FALL 2013 VOL. 25 NO. 3


Upward Growing Practices
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Why are spiritual practices essential? What is their true purpose? Choosing a personal goal or focus for meditation.


Practice is Long Term
BY H.H. THE DALAI LAMA. Profound transformation doesn't happen overnight. Persist in the face of failure.


Spiritual Practices for This Time of Crisis
BY JOANNA MACY. Five practices and disciplines for this turning
point in humanity's journey.


Meditation: Practicing Presence in
Every Moment of Your Life

BY ECKHART TOLLE. Zen meditation, the most powerful way to live.  Changing ourselves and the world.


Hanuman: A River of Grace
BY KRISHNA DAS. Hanuman wakes us up, bestows spiritual
strength, and removes obstacles from our path.


Living in the Consciousness of AUM
BY JOSEPH BHARAT CORNELL. AUM—the Cosmic Symphony—every atom vibrating with God's bliss.


Yoga Will Ruin Your Life
BY PREM PRAKASH. Looking for a life of ease, appreciation and self-grandeur?  Forget the yoga path!


In Search of Silence and Sanctuary
BY CHRIS ROE. "Beyond conflict and pain... this journey that has seemed so long..."


Rastafarian Children of Solomon
BY GERALD HAUSMAN. The Rastafarian way of life through the words of those who practice it.


Quantum Science and the Yoga Path
BY DEAN RADIN, PH.D. Classic texts provide a road map of reality thousands of years ahead of today's science!

36 Param Para
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Dealing with our emotions. Choosing our own object for meditation. Cultivating perseverance and strength in our practices.
A Different Kind of Mindfulness
BY ELLEN WOOD. Try an exercise for focusing on the present moment through your senses.
A Different Kind of Mindfulness
BY ELLEN WOOD. Try an exercise for focusing on the present moment through your senses.
Everything Changes
BY JI HYANG PADMA. Autumn is the best teacher.

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