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LOC Back Issue Vol. 25 #4 Karma &Compassion


WINTER 2013 VOL. 25 NO. 4


Karma and Compassion
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. The law of karma helps us understand our limitations and that we need to work upon ourselves as well as treat others with understanding and compassion.


What Is Karma?
BY MA JAYA SATI BHAGAVATI. It is through the ego's willful actions that karma accumulates. Once you recognize it, you can start to unravel it.


Angelic Messages of Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance
BY JOHN LERMA, M.D. A minister receives healing messages on fear, judgment and opening to unconditional love.


La Posada—Holy Night Procession
BY CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, PH.D. Making our heart into the "place of shelter" for the Light of the World to be born. 


Releasing Your Karma
BY EKNATH EASWARAN. As spiritual awareness grows we begin to see the karmic patterns we have created, learn the lessons and become free.


Contemplations of Hafiz
TRANSLATED BY DANIEL LADINSKY. "We circle inside what we love, what we fear, what we hope."


The Soul of Light, Works of Illumination
BY JOMA SIPE. Exquisite art that transmits messages of light, energy, our deeper Essence, and Being.


Ancient Vedantic Methods in a Contemporary Classroom
BY WILLIAM Y. HAYASHI, PH.D. The earliest recognized scriptures inspire a refreshing approach to experiential learning.

36 The Holy Mother on Human and Spiritual Life
BY SWAMI CHETANANANDA. Sri Sarada Devi lived and taught by her selflessness, love, common sense and compassion.
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The Dakini Principle
BY MICHAELA HAAS. Drawing on great and ancient powers, women are shaping Buddhism in the West.
Param Para—Answers to Questions on the Spiritual Path
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. We are subject to karmas due to our weaknesses. Three ways to overcome habits. Compassion, the subtlest possible energy.
"Meet every situation with love..."
BY PEACE PILGRIM. Words of wisdom from a contemporary saint.

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