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LOC Back Issue VOLUME 21 #3 Consciousness: Where Science and Spirituality Meet



Autumn 2009 Volume 21, No. 3 
Consciousness: Where Science and Spirituality Meet
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. The day you become aware that this whole creation is not outside you or separate, you will touch upon the unified field. Going beyond the speed of light.

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One Square Inch of Silence: Searching for Silence in a Noisy World
BY GORDON HEMPTON. Honoring and preserving quiet places so we may hear the silent instruction that guides and heals us.
Consciousness: Returning to the Essence
BY PETER RUSSELL. We are in a meltdown, yet for the first time in human history our consciousness is waking up collectively.
Albert Schweitzer: Reverence for Life
BY RASOUL SORKHABI, PH.D. Inspiration from a great physician/ philosopher on our spiritual relationship with the universe.
Meditations for a New Earth
BY ECKHART TOLLE AND KIM ENG. Allow a new state of consciousness to arise within through guided meditations.
To Save a Life BY BLAIR P. GRUBB, M.D. A story of courage, self-sacrifice and the love that defines our humanity.
Quantum Mind: Realize the Power of Your Thoughts
BY JOHN HAGELIN, PH.D. Understanding the deepest levels of thought and how Pure Consciousness, the unified field, can be experienced in meditation.
How We Regrew a Rainforest: A Twenty-Year Tale of Hope
BY WILLIE SMITS. A dying baby orangutan leads to a miracle when science and compassionate human efforts join forces in Borneo.
Emotional Freedom: A Hands-on Technique for Psychological Healing
BY DAWSON CHURCH, PH.D. What is the link between healing our emotional wounds and living from our souls?
The Dalai Lama on Science and Consciousness
Reflections on space, the Big Bang, and how karma affects climate change.
Param Para—Answers to Questions on the Spiritual Path
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Yogic science and the effects of virtues and vices on our body and consciousness.
The Healing Power of Water
BY MARTINE FAURE-ALDERSON, D.O. Discover the surprising results of simple dehydration!
The Shvetashatara Upanishad
TRANSLATED BY EKNATH EASWARAN. An ancient seer answers questions posed by today’s physicists.
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LOC Back Issue VOLUME 21 #3 Consciousness: Where Science and Spirituality Meet