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LOC Back Issue Vol. 22 #1 Awaken Your Soul Force

SPRING 2010 VOL. 22 NO. 1


2 Awaken Your Soul Force
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. All creation has its source in Love.
Then why do we keep missing it? Unconditional love is
the natural expression of our souls
Nonresistance: The Secret to Overcoming Stress
BY MICHAEL A. SINGER. When we stop resisting, everything becomes a steppingstone on our spiritual journey.
15 Perseverance: The Sweeper’s Story
BY KENTETSU TAKAMORI. Why perseverance is even more
important than progress.
16 Be A Quantum Activist
BY AMIT GOSWAMI, PH.D. How the principles of quantum
physics can be used to transform ourselves and our world.
22 The Sacred Path to Healing Relationships
BY JOHN E. WELSHONS. Dif‘ cult people in our lives are
actually a tremendous gift.
27 Rumi’s Language of Love
TRANSLATIONS BY COLEMAN BARKS. “Love is language that cannot be said, or heard.”
30 What Does Divine Love Look Like?
BY CONSTANCE KELLOUGH. How would we love if we loved
like the divine Self we really are?
32 Awakening at Heaven’s Gate
BY HENRY CEMBROLA. In the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature, a show of immense glory.
34 Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui Bagua
BY DAWN GASKILL. Using an ancient Chinese method to create balance and harmony in our personal environment.
40 How Animals Keep Us Present
BY ECKHART TOLLE AND PATRICK MCDONNELL. Words of wisdom and delightful illustrations convey heartwarming reverence for each moment.
42 Discover Your Flower Essence
BY LILA DEVI. A simple means of awakening innate soul qualities and stimulating the life force within us.
46 Yoga Antidotes for Depression
BY LINDA JOHNSEN. The role depression plays in our spiritual lives—and how to come out of negative states of mind.

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Param Para: Answers to Questions
on the Spiritual Path

BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. What is true forgiving? Yogic life force and how to awaken this vital energy source.
54 Are We on the Right Track to Enlightenment?
BY ANAM THUBTEN. We may be outwardly following a spiritual path, but where are we really heading?
Spiritual Cinema, Books, Children’s Books, Audio,
Video/Mixed Media
63 A Contemporary and Eclectic Marketplace for Your Conscious Lifestyle
COVER: “Offering.”
Photograph by
Stéphane de Bourgies
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