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LOC Back Issue Vol. 22 #2 Karma & Reincarnation

SUMMER 2010 VO L. 22 NO. 2

2 Karma and Reincarnation
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Light on karma, the subconscious
mind, and the soul’s journey of death and rebirth. How our
past, present and future can be known in meditation.
Reincarnation: 10 Most Commonly
Asked Questions

BY RICHARD SALVA. Answers that touch on our karma and evolution.
14 Return of the Divine Feminine: Why
We Need Her for Our Survival

BY LLEWELLYN VAUGHAN-LEE. Ending the myth of separation: wisdom that can heal our world.
19 Meditation, Harmony, Respect: Healthy
Lifestyle Practices from Asia

BY RICHARD MARRANCA. What we eat, where we put our shoes (and lots more).
24 Graceful Exits: How Enlightened Masters
Depart This Life

BY SUSHILA BLACKMAN. Powerful last teachings on death, life and Liberation.
28 When Children Remember Past Lives
BY CAROL BOWMAN. “Out of the mouth of babes”—revelations on reincarnation.
32 The Sun Horse
BY GERALD HAUSMAN. Holding fast to a prayer, finding the trail back home.
36 Planetary Transformation: The Coming New Earth
BY DOLORES CANNON. Our past and future evolution as Earth prepares to rise into a higher dimension.
42 Compassion for All Beings: Karma and Animal Suffering
BY WANGCHEN RINPOCHE. Protecting all sentient beings
is the key to health, happiness, prosperity and peace.
46 Nature’s Art
BY KAREN KLUGER. Nature reveals herself in her own language.
50 Param Para: Answers to Questions
on the Spiritual Path

BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Understanding karma and death, how to choose meaningful work, and  nding bliss.
52 DeeDee, the Educated Rat
BY P.M.H. ATWATER, L.H.D. A charming and sometimes
astonishing true story.
Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and
His Divinely Inspired Mission to End Slavery

BY LEAH LOVEDAY. He was called “the conscience of the nation.”
80 Returning to the Root—Tao Te Ching
Spiritual Cinema, Books, Children’s Books, Audio, Video
63 A Contemporary and Eclectic Marketplace
For Your Conscious Lifestyle
COVER: “Spirit + Nature.”
Photograph by
H. KoppDelaney
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