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LOC Back Issue Vol. 24 #1 Quieting the Mind. Relax Into Stillness


SPRING 2012 VOL. 24 NO. 1


Quieting the Mind
By Swami Amar Jyoti. The purpose of all our practices and ultimate aim of all paths is to still the mind. How to attain stillness, why it is essential, and what blocks it.


Dust at His Feet
BY Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. The relationship between teacher
and disciple—a great esoteric secret of humanity.


This is True Freedom, Stepping Out of Your Story 
By Eckhart Tolle. Going beyond the "little me" opens the door to the vastness of our true being.


The Quantum Universe of the Medicine Men              
by Vine Deloria Jr. A beloved scholar unites ancient powers
with today's science and cosmology.


How Do You Talk To a Cell?
By Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D. We can actually communicate with
our cells to promote health and healing.


Saturn, A New Look At An Old Devil
by Liz Greene. Traditionally known as "malefic," Saturn's influence provides vital help on the spiritual path.


Dancing With the Forgotten of Chernobyl
By Joanna Macy. Beyond the horrors of what happened, redemption for the suffering, and for our world.


Back to Walden             
By Duane Elgin. Inspired by Thoreau, simple awareness
techniques can turn life into our own personal Walden.


Param Para: Answers to Questions on the Spiritual Path
By Swami Amar Jyoti. Why we do practices like prayer and chanting. Achieving well-concentrated, one-pointed meditation. Maintaining equanimity in pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness.


Our Brains on Peace 
by James Olsoni. Bringing the hemispheres of the brain into harmony for inner and outer peace.


Spiritual Cinema, Books, Books for Children, Audio


Tools for Your Journey


If You Love
By Saint John of the Cross.
Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

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