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LOC Back Issue Vol. 25 #1 How to Attain Peace of Mind.


SPRING 2013 VOL. 25 NO. 1


How to Attain Peace of Mind
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Peace is a doorway to higher regions and higher capacities, but what is the foundation for peace? When we truly let go and relax, we will have no fear.


Let It Come, Let It Go
BY CHAN MASTER GUO JUN.Trying to get what we think we want is impeding us from what we really want.


Meditations to Stress-Proof Your Brain
BY RICK HANSON, PH.D. & RICHARD MENDIUS, M.D. Use your mind to change your brain toward happiness, focus, clarity and contentment.


Ho'oponopono: Hawaiian Forgiveness Practice
BY ULRICH E. DUPREE. Four magic sentences for healing relationships and creating forgiveness and harmony.


Becoming Stewards of This Time
BY JEAN HOUSTON, PH.D. We are about to become citizens in a world richer by far than any we have ever known.


Sacred Geometry Meditations
BY IVAN RADOS. The yantra reflects and arouses the inner One Energy, awakening it to its wholeness.


Param Para — Answers to Questions on the Spiritual Path
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Why do we lose our peace? How can we know our purpose in life? What is the role of grace in surrendering the ego?.


We Dream Too Small — On the Power of Prayer
BY DR. DAVID WILKINSON. Prayer is an energy, a power, "the doorway to cosmic consciousness."


Butterfly Haiku
BY REBECCA LILLY. Messengers of the beauty and power of nature. and pain, happiness and unhappiness.


The Power of Self-Reflection
BY WILLIAM BLOOM. Our ability to look at ourselves with truthfulness and thoughtfulness is a miracle of the human psyche.


Pythagoras: Scientist & Mystic
BY DR. HENRY L. DRAKE. Rediscover one of the greatest scientists and prophetic mystics the world has known.


I Bow to the God Within Each Heart
BY ELAINE AUBUCHON, SSND. Teaching meditation behind prison walls: freedom from prisons of our own making.


The Fundamental Role of Consciousness
BY EBEN ALEXANDER, M.D. A neurosurgeon's near-death experience forges a transformational experience of reality.


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