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LOC Back Issue Vol. 25 2 Wisdom of the Feminine Divine.


SUMMER 2013 VOL. 25 NO. 2


The Benevolence of Divine Mother
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. Shakti, primordial energy, has been flowing through us since time immemorial. She is maya enthralling us with Her infinite creation, and ultimately She leads us to merge into Oneness.


Saraswati—Goddess of Beauty, Power and Grace
BY KRISHNA DHARMA. This timeless tale reveals the luminous wisdom of the Goddess who inspires all creation.


Meditations for Emotional Healing
BY TARA BRACH. Practices for moving beyond judgment and separation into the refuge of healing.


Visions of the Female Buddha
BY DEBORAH BOWMAN. Join the author as she rediscovers the Goddess who transformed her life.


The Healing Power of Acceptance
BY RAJIV PARTI, M.D. By emotionally accepting what we experience in our lives, we align ourselves with reality—with all that is.


Mary Most Holy Mother of All Nations
BY FR. WILLIAM HART MCNICHOLS AND MIRABAI STARR. Let the children of all the countries of the world be one!


Women Who Have Inspired My Path
BY SNATAM KAUR KHALSA. A beloved kirtan artist shares her inspiration from the Sikh tradition and connection with Shakti.


The Feminine Principal and Our Evolution of Consciousness
BY ALEX WARDEN. The Spirit within, masculine and feminine,
is calling us back to our intrinsic unity.


Param Para — Answers to Questions on the Spiritual Path
BY SWAMI AMAR JYOTI. How can we best relate to our children? Understanding the qualities of Nature and our own minds.


Letting Go of Resistance
BY LOUISE L. HAY. We all have lessons to learn: step-by-step guidance from a much-loved healer.


Sleep Better with Mindfulness
BY JOSEPH EMET. The power of mindfulness meditation brings freedom, peace—and good sleep.


Moving from Victim to Particpant
BY BARBARA SYMONS. A personal journey through fear and darkness to surprising and unexpected light.


Like a Wave Arising
BY RABBI RAMI SHAPIRO. Awesome and wondrous is the Dance of God.


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