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Dance of Life

The Dance of Life
Satsang of Swami Amar Jyoti
WHAT IS THE MEANING OF DANCE? Rhythmic movement. When your life flows in rhythm, you are creative; you are original. We call it cosmic rhythm. You become an instrument of God, unbound and free. When your whole being is in cosmic rhythm, your every act becomes effortless–actionless action, soundless sound. You come in tune with your Lord, with Mother Nature, with Divine Mother. The energy flowing through your being is indescribable and inexhaustible.
          In creative living you do not feel afflictions or pain or a sense of separation. You do not miss anything. Everything flows as it should. You are both the doer and the witness, flowing in refreshing newness every moment. The cobwebs of the brain are cleared; the nerves are purified and strengthened. Whether you gain or lose, you will be grateful. In this flowing river of life, you can take any amount of water you want. Plunge in–it has that capacity. But do not try to hold on to it. Consciousness held captive becomes unconsciousness. Life kept captive in pools of attachment and greed begins to decay. Dead habits are like stagnant water; there is no joy without movement.
          Whatever makes you noble, whatever expands your consciousness, is religion. According to your temperament, according to your free choice, you choose from traditional, liberal, modern or ancient paths, whatever makes you truthful, joyful, giving and righteous. Your True Self dictates, not your ego or selfishness, because that will degrade you. Whatever your inner voice, your Spirit and your conscience tell you, follow that. There is a saying in India: “You may be born in a church; don’t die in a church.” Relationships exist as very temporary phenomena. They are to be sustained but they are not eternal. You cannot put relationships above your God, your Divine, your Truth, your Light, your true identity.
          Your whole life has to be homogeneous, a totality. A partial view of life will never be satisfying. It is not the relationships that are wrong but that partial view of life. If you want to live consciously and awakened, if you want to live in your true nature, then avoid falsehood and any acts without merit. Let life flow around you and through you. Do not grab it. Leave your hands open. That is the way you will come in tune and begin to truly dance.
          Whether you are old or young, your goal is to awaken. Whatever losses or gains you have, do not give them serious thought. Play your part. Flow in tune. What is gone is gone. Whatever will come will come. Keep your peace. Then only can you help others. You may be blaming others but you have not thought of pointing a finger at yourself. Who are you to be claiming something from others? Therefore begin to have control of your life. God will never leave you. Ask yourself: have you hugged the Feet of the Lord with such joy and longing that you no longer have any questions or doubts? When He tells you the truth, are you receptive? Your life is yours but not without Him. He is your core. Surrender unto Him; you will be perfectly in tune.
          What you do is important but more important is your attitude, your inner feelings. God sees that. He knows what you mean, not what you say but what you are. We may try to explain, to justify our case, but there is no need to tell God what He already knows. On the contrary, we must listen to what He tells us. In order to listen we must be silent. Be still and know. Knowledge is not born in language or thinking; it is born in silence. When your mind is still, the Light shines. Then you will see the whole cosmic dance–how it moves, creates and dissolves; how every split second it changes patterns, colors and sounds. At that moment you are freedom and bliss–Satchidananda.

Using Our Feelings

Satsang of Swami Amar Jyoti
Monday, June 13, is the observance of Swami Amar Jyoti’s Mahasamadhi.
God has the power to somehow reach every nook and corner. To God, the farthest end of the universe is the same as the center of the universe–if only we could believe that and have faith in it. In any confusion, disturbance of mind or lethargy, just say to yourself: “God is present.” He is present always, everywhere, and it is up to you to contact Him. Keep that Presence of God, the Presence of Light within you with faith. There is no darkness worth the name that Light cannot eradicate. Light eradicates darkness; darkness does not overlap light. Have you ever seen darkness overlapping light? If you bring in the light, darkness will not stay.
In your life, your job and your day-to-day duties, see that the idea of Light or Spirit or God is brought into focus so that you feel that Presence. What your feelings can tell you, no scientific instrument or discovery can tell you. God has provided us with the higher region of feelings. If you could really feel, it would tell you everything that is right and wrong with you. Feelings are not emotions; they are the astral, finer contact with the energy level. Use your feelings in a quieted mind. Emotionalism, irritation and agitation are not feelings; they are a dissipation of energy. The faculty of feelings brings the Presence of God within you in a very sattvic or serene, purified manner.
The spinal column contains two actions. One occurs when energy is opened from below when the kundalini or spiritual power that resides within the spinal column rises. The other is when the kundalini energy moves from above downward; then the tension and heaviness of the brain descends. The whole mechanism of our body is controlled and energy distributed through the spinal column. The more the spinal column is kept clean and clear, the better. Yoga exercises and pranayam or breathing exercises help with this, also keeping the backbone straight and not tight or tense. To some degree, your own inner idea of God’s Presence and Light around you will also relax you. Once the spinal column is relaxed, it begins to function in a much better way.
Your relaxed attitude or mood brought in by feeling God’s Presence, the right way you act, the right way you think, the right way you feel, begin to open up this passage. Then all the blocks and resistances, including inertia, tiresomeness and laziness fly away. This is not magic; it just happens that way. And it does not need very high-class knowledge, actually. Knowledge comes after this passage is open. Before that, whatever knowledge we boast about is just groping in the darkness, babbling in a dream–if you do not mind my frank words.
Bring in this idea: the Presence of God, the Presence of Light within you. Not by words but in your practical life, within your duties, your relationships, the pattern of life you live. Faith is indispensable. There is no deficiency, no incapacity, no imperfection or darkness that will not be relieved by this one central idea: Feel the Presence of God. Feel that between you and me, between you and a tree, between you and the food you are eating, between you and the things you use, between everything there is a force. That force is Shakti, which is connecting us to God’s Presence and Consciousness. This is the force of God, of Light, of Consciousness that runs throughout the universe. This is our Goal and our starting point, without which I do not think anyone will ever be satisfied, despite trying any other methods or means.
Throughout the day, whenever you have nothing to do, take that as a blessed moment when you can relax. When you are relaxed, you do not think or have the question: “What to do now?” You are only bored when you have a busy mind. In relaxation, you have no questions. In that calm and quiet, you will know what I am talking about. I want you to touch this energy field, the Shakti between you and me, between any two things. If you can touch there, your life will be sublime.
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given on September 20, 1980,
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