The Karma of Cats

by Angela Farmer

Cats have an uncanny way of climbing into my awareness and even my soul. They are masters of long-distance communication and body language. If I let myself begin to feel into one of them, a whole relationship starts to build—a communication that goes way beyond words.

Mimi’s presence filled the small apartment, and if I was out teaching on the other side of town, I might suddenly sense her presence and feel compelled to return as soon as possible after stopping at the market for her favorite fish! There she was waiting to greet me, purring and snuggling into my arms like a baby.

If I was about to leave on a teaching tour and pulled out my suitcase, Mimi plonked herself on top of it with her back to me and sat there, quiet but defiant in her disapproval. Did she think that perhaps I would decide not to leave after all? There is a part of a cat we shall never fully know!


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Excerpted from The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from Our Feline Friends, edited by Diana Ventimiglia., October 2019. Reprinted with permission.  ©2019 by Sounds True.

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