by Fabiana Fondevila

The garden leads to a meadow. We walk through tall grasses, their tips golden in the midday sun. In the distance we hear a soft murmur of running water. That is where we head. As we approach we feel a freshness that stimulates the skin and enlivens the senses. And then we see it: a bubbling brook, crystalline, flowing at a steady pace. We slip into the water facing the clear blue sky and let ourselves be carried away by the river.

How often have you felt as if you were transported elsewhere by a magic carpet, without ever having gone anywhere at all? That carpet that takes us to unsuspected places is called “imagination” and is one of the gifts that evolution (or grace) has bequeathed to human beings.

This complex and exquisite faculty opens the doors to the past and the future, to our creativity, to a life permeated by magic and meaning, and to worlds inaccessible by any other means.

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Excerpted from Where Wonder Lives: Practices for Cultivating the Sacred in Your Daily Life, ©2021 by Fabiana Fondevila, published by Findhorn Press. Fabiana Fondevila is a writer, ritual maker, activist and teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work weaves together nature exploration, dreamwork, mythic consciousness, archetypal psychology, social work and essential emotions such as awe, gratitude and aliveness. Fabiana’s passion is to help bridge inner work and action in the world, so that our deepest joy and the world’s needs can meet and feed each other as fully and as often as possible. For more information, visit:

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