Jyoti Dham Garden

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Jyoti Dham means Abode of Light and is where Swami Amar Jyoti resided when at Sacred Mountain Ashram.

Sacred Mountain is one of the ashrams Maintained by Truth Consciousness, Publisher of Light of Consciousness—Journal of Spiritual Awakening. It is outside of Boulder, CO, in the majestic Rockies at 9,000 feet with spectacular views of the Continental Divide. These 108 heavenly acres are blessed with evergreens, aspens, meadows of wildflowers, and shared by deer and other furry and feathered brethren.


Jyoti Dham 2


Though we’re having nights now in the high 30’s, the mini Jyoti Dham flower garden continues to amaze. Up here at 9000’ small is BIG.


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In the front garden is a succulent perennial with flowers just now “blooming” into color. After some lovely rains (and a big hail on Janmashtami), Jyoti Dham garden has 2 white columbines, a golden day lily, 2 orange marigolds, alyssum in purple and white, plus the pink succulent. While taking these photos, a hummingbird was dipping into the flowers in the hanging basket (above), The new little garden below the deck with sage and lavender is also doing well. The peacock and flower garlands are from Janmashtami) Enjoy~