Param Para: Answers to Questions on the Spiritual Path  
by Swami Amar Jyoti
In my daily life, one of the things that keeps me from being relaxed is when I am not forgiving of myself or others. I would like you to talk about forgiving.
When you forgive, you are no longer clutching things. And when you are no longer clutching, you are releasing yourself and able to relax. I always maintain that even if you do not want to forgive another person because he or she has hurt you, forgiveness will benefit you. Suppose you feel someone does not deserve forgiveness. But if you hold on to that, you are caught also. Therefore, at least for your own peace you have to forgive. Forgiveness is very scientific. It releases you to pursue your spiritual goal. You do not have to be forgetful while you forgive. When they say, “Forgive and forget,” it means you should not react or take revenge. You may still remember the episode. When you do not hold on to any reactionary or revengeful vibration—thought or emotion—that is forgiveness. And this gives you peace and relaxation, which are necessary for you to touch the Light.

There is a second consolation: if a person is wrong, it will have its own cause and effect sequence, or karma. Why are you taking responsibility for punishing another’s wrongs? He or she will be punished by his or her own wrongdoings, there and then or in course of time. This is a phenomenon that nature has provided. You do not have to be an agent to do that for someone else. Because when you incur the responsibility of giving punishment to others for wrongdoings, you are involving yourself, and then you are caught in the phenomena of cause and effect. That is bondage—unless you are such a perfect Master that you can do it without being involved. Otherwise the best course is to indiscriminately forgive and let go. That releases you and ultimately helps the other person as well. For your peace and harmony, forgiveness is indispensable, even if you feel it is your legitimate right to react.

Forgiveness means you have no ill feelings at all toward that person. You do not have to be positive, but at least you should not be negative. This helps you not only on the mundane level but also prepares you for spiritual wealth. You become qualified to receive the Light. That Light is so simple, so pure and harmless that you do not have to do anything to attain it. Just let go, forgive, and be patient. The kingdom of God is within you. You do not have to fight with your thoughts; they settle on their own. Yoga teaches you to allow nature to work for you rather than drag nature to work for you.

You have spoken about relaxing the mind, body and vital. Can you explain more about the vital?
In Yogic science, the vital sheath is called prana, which is your life force. Prana is a regulator of your mind and body. This vital sheath can be likened to a thermos that has an outer shell, an inside glass bottle and a vacuum in between. If the vacuum were not there, the liquid inside the thermos would not remain hot or cold, which means the liquid would be unstable. When the vital sheath or basic energy of a person gets deranged, he or she may become upset, act crazy or have a nervous breakdown. Therefore a balance of the vital sheath is very necessary. Whenever you become imbalanced by urges, impulses, passions or emotions, your vital sheath is imbalanced.

You can take vitamins, eat protein or special foods to increase your vitality but that will only help you superficially. Such remedies work on the physical level only. Supposing you are feeling weak, nervous, restless and completely out of energy; go ahead and take those things, and then lie down and rest. You will see at one point when you are successful, energy will begin to awaken within you. Beyond the medicine, food or rest—which do help—you touch a certain center, your source of energy. Your vital sheath that was weak or defective begins to replenish.

In the most downtrodden or helpless person, even those who feel they are an utmost failure, those who are suicidal or emotionally distraught, that source is there. Avoid your negativities, your revengeful attitudes, your reactions, your demanding nature. Just lie down or sit down somewhere and get silent. Amidst your greatest weakness and nervousness, relax fully and you will all of a sudden touch that center. It will revive you. You will see God is there. In your darkest hours, light shines from somewhere within you. Hope comes up. You may call it God’s grace or Master’s blessing—they are connected with it, of course—but actually that source is within you. As you relax your prana, your breathing goes on slowing down, coming as if to a straight line and then zero. It is called stillness.

© 2010 by Truth Consciousness. Excerpted from the Satsang of Swami Amar Jyoti: The Source (N-8). For further information on the recorded Satsangs of Swami Amar Jyoti, please see