The Light That Awakens: A Guidebook to Higher Consciousness
By Swami Amar Jyoti

God has made this machinery and it is a beautiful city, the workings of which never go wrong if you maintain it properly. As your city is cleansed, as you open yourself more, you will find the bliss that is your true nature.

Though on one side we say that the body is perishable and transitory, it is also a divine manifestation and can be a source of joy. Each body is a universe, as good a universe as you could conceive. It has a full landscape. You are, in short, a walking universe; through your own body you could know the whole universe. Though it looks smaller, it is qualitatively and essentially the same. You have suns and moons, mountains, valleys and oceans, and you also have the capacity of all other creatures—birds, plants and animals.

This is why man has been called a supreme being. If you can see your body as a universe, you will find that there is a central shining Sun, which you call Spirit. Not knowing this, not turning to the Light, is the only sin.

Poets say the body is a temple; others say it is a city or a garden; and still others describe it as a garbage can. Some call it simply the five-elemental body composed of earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Galaxies are within you, just as those you see outside. Go deep into meditation where you transcend your senses, for meditation is the secret of knowing. You will hear this Truth within you, too. Then you will not only feel or understand, you will see, even as your eyes are seeing now. The screen of your consciousness will show you things, for this is your inner eye. When you go deep within you will see this tremendous universe within. And when you come out, what you saw before will look very pale. You will see the workings of angels and supernatural beings—how they open the petals of a flower, and how they take care of everything in your body. You have energy centers corresponding to universal centers, and you will find how we are all connected and not separate individuals.

Transcend the world of the five senses, the universe, and then go deep in meditation. Do not waste this birth; as a human your faculties are so open that it is more possible for you to reach Enlightenment than any other species. As a human being you are evolved to the point where, if you want to, you can know the Truth.

The Seriousness Rut
At a certain spot on the road of life you get stuck in a rut—seriousness—and because of this you miss the joy of the journey. Going forward is called spontaneous, moment-to-moment living. You will have a refreshed and renewed outlook.

When you stop growing into higher dimensions, you start rotating and revolving in the dimension you are in; then, even if you expand horizontally, you are not growing. There is no progress unless you grow vertically into higher dimensions. If you are growing higher, how can you be serious about your present conditions? It is just impossible to be serious here and at the same time grow there.

Therefore the advice to be childlike and simple is very practical. Do not copy everything children do, but combine the simplicity of a child and the wisdom of a sage. Being serious—bored, monotonous and drab—is nothing but unconsciousness and ignorance. Be simple and joyful; float like the fairies who open the flower petals. Then such seriousness will have no place in your life.

When you become serious about conditions you lose sight of the true meaning of “here and now.” It means being conscious of the present moment. But in your seriousness you misapply this term to the conditions of the moment. “Here and now” means that your eyes are open to the present moment, and that moment is always sacred, always the source of perennial joy, whatever the conditions. But often you use this term to escape from Truth, to be whatever you are at the moment. When you lose consciousness of the moment you drop into conditioned living and begin to call these conditions “here and now.”

When you open your eyes to the moment, seeing the Consciousness and Substance in everything and live accordingly, you will see that the conditions upon which you have otherwise been harping will reshape and rearrange themselves. This is yogic living, the living of Liberated Souls. They play with the conditions but do not get conditioned themselves; conditions automatically arrange around them.

If you understand the true meaning of “here and now,” seriousness about conditions has no meaning. Do conditions exist? Yes, they do. But as you are the creator of conditions you can arrange them according to your consciousness. Try to live this way. It is meant not only for Liberated Ones but for you too.

Become more awakened, more conscious—this is getting high. See that the dimensions and horizons of your consciousness expand. If you are concentrated and aware you will not get serious about conditions. The distinction is very clear: in the unconditional you are joyful; in the conditioned you are burdened. As the creator of your conditions, do not be in their bondage. This can only happen when you rise out of the rut of seriousness.

If you know your place, if you know where to revolve around the cosmic center, you will have no problems. But when you are demanding you are becoming serious about something that is not rightfully yours.

At a certain spot on the road of life you get stuck in a rut—seriousness—and because of this you miss the joy of the journey. Going forward is called spontaneous, moment-to-moment living. You will have a refreshed and renewed outlook.

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