Quieting the Monkey Mind

by Dudley and Dean Evenson


Our goal in meditation is to focus on one thought, one mantra, one image, one breath at a time or whatever we choose to be our focus. By this singularity of focus, we find that the host of unregulated thoughts will drift away, and we will be able to access the depths of our inner being and tune into our higher consciousness.

The Sanskrit word prana has a depth of meanings: breath, breath of life, ancient, filled, old, full, life, power, air inhaled, vital organ, vital air, myrrh, respiration, spirit, vitality, energy, wind, spirit identified with the totality, dreaming spirits, poetical inspiration, vigor.


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© 2019 by Dudley and Dean Evenson. Excerpted with permission from their book, Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music, published in 2018 by Soundings of the Planet. For more information on their music and meditation tools, visit Soundings.com.


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