A New Concept of the World

by Ervin Laszlo

Today, more and more philosophers, scientists, and intuitive people in all walks of life question that the world would be just what is presented to our senses. The old concept, based on Newton’s classical mechanics, has run its course. It is not an ensemble of separate bits of matter moving in accordance with mechanistic laws, but an intrinsically whole system where all things are connected in ways that transcend the previously known bounds of space and time.

In the new concept, the things that furnish the world are not pieces of matter. Surprisingly, they are basically vibration. The vibrations that make up the world we observe are not random but highly ordered: they are coherent. Their order and coherence tell us that they are not the result of mere chance. To use a term suggested by physicist David Bohm, the vibrations are “in-formed.” Everything in the world is spontaneously and effectively in-formed by a deep dimension, ourselves and our brain and mind included. In the last count, we are in-formed clusters of vibration in space and time, interacting and coevolving with other clusters both locally, here and now, and nonlocally, throughout the universe.


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© 2017 by Ervin Laszlo. Published with permission from The Intelligence of the Cosmos by Ervin Laszlo, with a Foreword by Jane Goodall and Afterword by James O’Dea, published by Inner Traditions, InnerTraditions.com.

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