by David Hoffmeister

When unconscious beliefs are not brought to the forefront of our minds to be looked at and released, the past replays itself over and over. This is no life. It is like being a robot—getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth, getting ready for work, and just going through the motions. How many of us get up in the morning, sit up in bed, and ask: “What is the nature of reality? I do not even want to brush my teeth until I get a handle on this!”
We need a willingness to heal our mind. We need to be willing to see where we say no to peace. In fact, we only need willingness. We do not need intelligence, we do not need lots of money, and we do not need lots of skills and abilities—all the things that the world says are essential. If you come to God with willingness and sincerity, then watch out: it will knock your socks off! You will arrive at an experience of peace, freedom, and clarity that you had never imagined or ever thought was possible. You will truly know who you are.
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© 2019 by David Hoffmeister, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher of the non-dual path of A Course in Miracles. Reprinted with permission from This Moment is Your Miracle: Spiritual Tools to Transcend Fear and Experience the Power of the Present Moment by David Hoffmeister, by New Harbinger Publications, Inc.  For more information visit
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