by Jennie Lee

The word dharma comes from the Sanskrit root word dhri, meaning “to uphold or support.” In the grand sense of it, dharma is the law that upholds the divine order within creation, the principle of truth which, if we are aligned with it, establishes harmony in our lives and keeps us from suffering. To step into your personal dharma is to make the goal of your life conscious and to align individual purpose with service to the greater good of all beings. When you determine what your dharma is, you feel at peace, connected in heart, mind, and soul.

Without comparing yourself to anyone else, listen to your heart and think about what you have to offer: a talent, skill, or resource you have that can help one person, or a million people, today.

This creative gift could be extremely simple or vastly complex. When you love what you are doing, you will do it for a long time without exhaustion or depletion. You actually get fueled by the doing and feel there is always more to share. You will know you are on the right track when you feel yourself living the best version of you and your heart is open wide.

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Excerpted from Spark Change: 108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution © 2020 by Jennie Lee. A recognized expert in the fields of yoga therapy and meditation for over 20 years, Jennie Lee has coached clients in practices that integrate life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Visit her website at This excerpt is published by permission from the publisher, Sounds True, Inc. For more information visit

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