by Michael A. Singer

This energy is sometimes called Spirit or Chi. When people talk about experiencing Spirit, that is just another word for describing Shakti. The question becomes: “Where is this energy, how can you experience more of it, and once you experience the Shakti, what do you do with it?” Humanity in general knows nothing about these things. Some may think because they have a sudden spiritual experience, that they know Shakti. It is not enough to have a spiritual experience; you have to come in tune with the Shakti so you can feel the energy all the time. What does that take? The grace of God, or Shaktipat from a great master? The truth is, the Shakti is always there. It is only because of our ignorance that we believe it requires some outside event.

You will come to see that the only power within you is Shakti. Everyone experiences Shakti in one form or another, but you have generally blocked this energy from flowing within you. Why would one do such a thing? When the soul (the consciousness) drops into human form, it becomes disoriented—it does not know itself. There is a primal experience of being lost and out of control. Because you are not comfortable with the world coming in through your senses; or your body, heart, or mind; you have developed fears, desires, and urges to protect yourself. You have stored memories that were disturbing. You were uncomfortable with experiences when you had them, so you pushed them away. Or if they were pleasant, you held on to them. You wanted control, so you tried to turn the unknown into the known. The experience of the pure Shakti within you is fluid—it is always changing. But you tried to turn it into something solid and predictable. You built a solid, static foundation based upon what you learned from your past. Essentially, you froze the Shakti into the forms of your past experiences. That is what a samskara is: the frozen Shakti of your blocked experiences.

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