Featured Articles In This Issue

Breathing Love: Meditation in Action
by Jennie Lee

Love will always prevail over fear if we commit to it. Love antidotes hatred, judgment, and prejudice; and trust counteracts fear, worry, and doubt. In every moment it is up to us to choose whether love or fear will guide us.


Luminous Life
by Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman

Forty years ago, while practicing as an optometrist, I experienced a sudden and very significant improvement in eyesight, with no measurable change in my eyeglass prescription. The effect of that miraculous event, which has now persisted for forty years, led me to the realization that while we look with our eyes, we do not “see” with them.


Leopard Warrior
by John Lockley

For more than seven years I had been battling the thwasa illness, a mysterious condition that affected my body, mind, and spirit. No matter how much I ate, I lost weight. I was plagued by terrifying nightmares. As my body grew weaker and weaker, I fell victim to one ailment after another, some of them very grave.