Featured Articles In This Issue

Shakti: God’s Feminine Side
by Radhanath Swami

The Vedic literature informs us that the one Infinite Being is both male and female. The one becomes two to exchange love, and their love is the origin of all other love, all beauty, all ecstasy, and all compassion.


The Song of the Guru
by Prem Prakash

The Guru Gita, literally, “The Song of the Guru,” is a dialogue between the god, Shiva, and His beloved wife, Parvati… the eternal yogi and primal guru, and the divine Mother Nature as the feminine force of power and beauty.


Letting Go of Good—To Find Your Authentic Self
by Andrea Mathews

When we look around it becomes fairly clear that what is good to one family, one culture, or one society may be bad to another. The danger here is that living as if these terms have a standard definition can split us off from other parts of ourselves.