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Get Wisdom offers divinely inspired healing modalities, enlightenment, healing training and hidden truth.


Inner Traditions Bear & Company
Books for the Mind, Body & Spirit Since 1975

Awakening Your Psychic Ability

A Practical Guide to Develop Your Intuition, Demystify the Spiritual World, and Open Your Psychic Senses


Beyond Words Publishing

This beautifully illustrated children’s book follows a young boy’s near-death experience to heaven and back.

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Trusting The Dawn

Firestone teaches the idea that your trauma can become an initiation into a fuller, more illuminated, and more joyful life.

Soundings of the Planet

Healing music & books
Dean & Dudley Evenson


Learn the ancient OJAYA Deep Meditation “Armor” technique — for ultra-deep serenity and youthful aging.


Waking Up to the Dark

Hidden in the darkness is an ancient secret...there is a Great Mother from the bottom of time

Phoenix Healing Creations-page-001_400x400

Phoenix Healing Creations

Energy Healing Services and Products that Work!


Marcus Fitzgibbons

Ancient cultures believed that Sacred Geometry has profound healing effects.

Affirmations for Empaths

A year of guided journaling with Dr. Judith Orloff

Kumara Institute

Egypt Spiritual Tour. Meditate in the Great Pyramid. Transformational journey

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How To Be Loving

Unleash the healing power of crystals with Your Crystal Allies Series!


My Head Knows

A journal to help you heal.
Designed to help you remember, reflect, and record the things you cherish the most.

Sacred Words Publishing

Sacred Worlds Publishing

We provide Resources for people to find Truth for themselves.

Our mission is to be the bridge to help those on their journey to Health and Wellness.

Behind Every Temple

Supporting, protecting and promoting Sanatana Dharma

Sacred Sendoffs

Spiritual inspiration and practical actions for surviving pet loss and helping animals thrive.


New Harbinger Publications

Now more than ever, we’re all looking to feel more joy, happiness, and deeper meaning in our lives.

Melissa Huffman

Melissa Huffman

Globally Renowned Psychic
Soul Guide|Spiritual Teacher
Energy Healing Practitioner

Phoenix Healing Creations-page-001_400x400

Phoenix Healing Creations

Energy Healing Services and Products that Work!

LIFE IN TIME-SPACE describes the underlying reality of our
lives on Earth


Transqualia provides the way of bringing one's unconscious experience to the forefront so that it can be healed.