Param Para: Answers to Questions on the Spiritual Path

Book and Satsang Excerpts by Swami Amar Jyoti – Published in Light of Consciousness

Vol 33 #2, Autumn/Winter 2022: How do I know when to use willpower and when to let go?

Vol 32 #2, Autumn/Winter 2020: How can we overcome feelings of restlessness when trying to sit quiet and still in meditation?

Vol 32 #1, Spring/Summer 2020: What are some of the ways we can avoid acquiring or accumulating undesirable karmas? What could be the practice in this sense?

Vol 31 #2, Summer 2019: Who is the one that is watching all the time? Is it the observer, the true Self, or God? Or is it still ego?

Vol 31 #1, Spring 2019: Does one have to become impersonal in order to lose ego?

Vol 30 #3, Autumn 2018: The selfishness I have, blocks me from experiencing a love that will take me to God. I know I can’t practice love. Can I practice selflessness?

Vol 30 #1, Spring 2018: The only question I have is how to see God.

Vol 29 #3, Autumn 2017: I’m working hard on my ego but it’s very fatiguing.

Vol 29 #1, Spring 2017: Swamiji, sometimes in deep meditation my body seems to tense up.

Vol 28 #1, Spring 2016: Is Intelligence Reincarnated?.

Vol 27 #2, Summer 2015: You’ve been talking about seeing clearly as well as relaxing.

Vol 27 #1, Spring 2015: I wonder if there is a difference between settled into calm and settled into complacency?

Vol 26 #4, Winter 2014:Swamiji, how do I teach myself to concentrate?

Vol 26 #3, Autumn 2014:Swamiji, I’ve been wondering about austerities, if they help purify the heart?

Vol 26 #2, Summer 2014: Swamiji, there are people who were pronounced clinically dead, …and then felt closer to God, then came back to life. Can you explain this?

Vol 26 #1, Spring 2014: We use the word “mind” very freely and I would like to know what is the meaning of mind?

Vol 25 #4, Winter 2013: Does each person have certain lessons to learn or goals to achieve in life?

Vol 25 #3, Fall 2013: How do I learn to suppress my emotions so I am not so emotional?

Vol 25 #2, Summer 2013: I oftentimes get angry with my children.

Vol 25 #1, Spring 2013: You have spoken about how, at some original point, we all possessed peace and then, somehow or other, we lost it.

Vol 24 #4, Winter 2012: When anger of fear arises in meditation, how do I deal with that?

Vol 24 #3, Fall 2012: I am wondering about the value of yoga asanas and how they help in meditation…

Vol 24 #2, Summer 2012: When will this Iron Age end and the Golden Age begin?

Vol 24 #1, Spring 2012: What are the characteristics of meditation, prayer, chanting, and so forth?

Vol 23 #4, Winter 2011: If we are, in a sense, “conscious beings”, how is it that a conscious being could become “unconscious”?

Vol 23 #3, Autumn 2011: Do you see or feel any basic major movements in this country toward trying to find one’s True Self and a change in religious directions?

Vol 23 #1, Spring 2011: I’ve been working to stop thinking all week and I don’t think I’m doing very well.

Vol 22 #3, Autumn 2010: Are phyiscal exercises such as jogging, bicycling, aerobics, etc., harmful to spiritual development?

Vol 22 #2, Summer 2010: I’m not sure I understand karma.

Vol 22 #1, Spring 2010: In my daily life, one of the things that keeps me from being relaxed is when I am not forgiving of myself or others. I would like you to talk about forgiving.

Vol 21 #4, Winter 2009: Could you speak about the difference between imagination and vision?

Vol 21 #3, Autumn 2009: I’d like to know what arrogance is an how it blocks us?

Vol 21 #1, Spring 2009: Confronted by misery and suffering, what should be my inner attitude?

Vol 20 #4, Winter 2008: Can you use the sound of the mantra to go into meditation, to come to the object of meditation?

Vol 20 #3, Autumn 2008: I’m concerned by my past behavior. I don’t want to fall into the same thing. Seeing and remembering the past behavior of sliding back all those years?

Vol 20 #2, Summer 2008: What chakras do disciples usually fluctuate between?

Vol 20 #1, Spring 2008: Would you tell us about the angels? I believe angels have helped me in the past, I just don’t know much about them.

Vol 19 #4, Winter 2007: Do You Pray?

Vol 19 #3, Autumn 2007: How can we know what we are supposed to do or what is right to do in life?

Vol 19 #2, Summer 2007: How can we believe we can change anything by simply serving and not wanting a reward?

Vol 19 #1, Spring 2007: Excerpts from The Light That Awakens: A Guidebook to Higher Consciousness.

Vol 18 #3, Winter 2006: Incessant Prayer from the Satsang, Repeating God’s Name

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