“I find Light of Consciousness to be an incredible spiritual awakening for me… I have recommended it to everyone I know.” —P.P. Greenbrook, NJ

“Please continue publishing a truly wonderful journal. The spirit and deep essence of your founder and the organization imbues every page.” —M.M. Brooklin ME


“I discovered this journal in a news stand at an organic market and found it fascinating throughout. I liked the discussions about Vedic as well as Buddhist and other philosophies. The articles show the ways in which the ancient wisdom traditions on enlightenment/awakening are closely related. There is just no argument about this, only different words used to describe the same experience. A refreshing read.” —Stephanie L. Fisher, Central California

“Light of Consciousness is exactly the type of magazine I was searching for. The articles are short, well written and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.” —R. Paden, Jackson Center, PA

I just bought your magazine …and want to thank you so much. It is a breath of sweet air to me. My journey, at this point, is very solitary and it warms my heart to have contact with others whose understandings mirror my own. —R.V. PA

I think your journal is superb, one of the best on the market. It holds to a high level of spiritual discussion and is wide-ranging and well written. —R.M. NV

It is a treasure chest of beautiful wisdom. —S.S. CA

From the cover of the child with those soul touching eyes to each and every article in this issue my spirit was fed. How many magazines can do that you you? Thank you so much for the light and soul upliftment you bring to all those who are lucky enough to have discovered Light of Consciousness. —M. TX

Light of Consciousness Is crafted like an offering to God the way it is put together, allowing the reader to BE in Satsang while absorbing its content. I love the Satsang messages of Swami Amar Jyoti, which fill me with love and a greater appreciation for life. The variety of articles and subjects from various sources provide the reader with different ways in which to tap into the spiritual well, all leading to the same place. I look forward to each issue and feel like an inner light is turned on a bit brighter with each reading. I can tell that the individuals responsible for putting the magazine together do so out of an act of love. —R.K. PA

The world needs this magazine. —CT

Perfect just as it is. I’ve never enjoyed a more beautiful encounter. —T.G. OK

I have been through a lot in the last few years and your magazine has been a cherished friend to me…writings like yours give hope and inspiration and therefore it gives strength. And strength helps us to keep helping other people and that’s what it is all about. —M.L.M. GA
Thank you for bringing the Light of Truth to the masses. —L.A. CA

I did not know this source of Direction to the answers I am looking for existed, until one day recently I happened (does anything ever just happen?) into our Bookstore and noticed the latest copy…I knew it was meant for me. I cannot begin to describe the feeling that came over me at the time, but I can say that as I read each article a part of me knew what was coming, and since I am an open-minded 64 year old I recognize my truth as it comes to me. I feel like a child in fairyland. I am awestruck and humbled and ever so grateful for each new tool as it appears “just when I need it”. May the God source within and without bless you all so that you can continue to put out such a helpful magazine at a price I can afford. —B.S. ID

Simply a wonderful publication, one of my favorites. I look forward to each issue, the best magazine on spirituality! Thank you and Gassho (Buddha's Blessings) to Master and all the staff —Rev. Dr. R.C.P.