by Chris Rainier


As a photographer, I look at the world with a particular lens: the lens of the visual medium. My life has unfolded in the focused pursuit of celebrating and exploring the wonders of the world—both natural and man-made. I experience equal joy in being awestruck by the sheer immensity of the Grand Canyon in the American Southwest as in standing before the ancient ruins of AlUla in the Saudi Arabian desert. All things natural and man-made are connected by a sacred, primordial thread that entwines to make up the complex, beautiful world that is our planet.


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Excerpted from Sacred: In Search of Meaning, text and illustrations © 2022 by Chris Rainier, published by Mandala Publishing, Chris Rainier is a documentary photographer, filmmaker and author of seven books. He is the director of The Cultural Sanctuaries Foundation, a global program focused on preserving biodiversity and traditional cultural knowledge, which helps create protected wilderness areas on indigenous lands. For more information visit and

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