LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS is nationally distributed with a readership of approximately 24,000. Readers are interested in meditation, spiritual practices, classical spirituality and yoga as well as personal growth, healing, spirituality and science, nature and the sacred earth, inspirational art and photography, astrology, music, books and spiritual cinema.

LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS is offered as a non-profit service to spiritual seekers everywhere. As such, we rely upon and are deeply grateful for the generosity of writers, artists and publishers who permit us to present their work without fee. Full credit to the contributor is published and you will retain copyright to your work.


  1. Please read the magazine to get an idea of the kind of articles and poetry we publish.
  2. Articles may encompass a wide range of spiritual topics: wisdom teachings, meditation, healing practices, personal accounts, fiction and poetry as well as non-fiction and “how-to.”
  3. Writing should be reader-friendly (not scholarly or academic) and should speak to the heart and soul as well as the intellect.
  4. Writing should be inspiring, uplifting (not derogatory) and of genuine interest to spiritual seekers from diverse paths.
  5. Articles may focus on a given path, tradition or approach but should have a universal meaning or message.
  6. Please do not send articles about any methods or products available only from a given source.
  7. Writing should be original. Material from other sources needs to be clearly identified and, where necessary, authors should obtain written permission. If you have previously published all or part of your original material, please include details. Also, if you plan on simultaneous submission to other publications, be sure to include that information.

How to submit your writing:

Please send clean documents of 1,000-4,000 words in MSWord format. Occasionally we work with you to edit your material to a suitable length and/or writing quality.

You can send submissions with our article submission form.  If your browser doesn’t support attaching files please give a brief description of your proposed article instead and we’ll get back to you.

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